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Permalink Alhamdulillah.. A sweet October has come :’) – View on Path.
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Permalink ce serait une très bonne nuit. Seul, mais je ne suis pas seul ~
Permalink tels que l’eau continue à couler, mon temps continue à passer. Seperti air yang terus mengalir, bersama mata yang terpejam dan senyum yang terukir ~
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The Beckett Bridge 
Permalink I thought that the fourth from the left was the flag of Indonesia :))
Permalink no winner, no loser. I couldn’t lie about the same answer. Insist me? then silence is better. :)
Permalink He’s gonna leave me next Ied, or vice versa. IED MABROUK! ;)
Permalink Taqabbal Allah Minna Wa Minkum
May Allah accept it from us and you. Amin!
Eid Mubarak!
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Ied Mubaarak ~
Gaza morgues and hospitals are overflowing. Doctors with dwindling supplies perform surgery in corridors. 

4 days ago ~